Audacity on my Mac wont recognize mixer??

So my laptop won’t recognize my mixer it will only use the built in microphone to record my mix, if anything what could I do to make audacity or my Mac recognize my mixer. Oh also my mixer is a behringer ddm4000 I used an RCA to headphone cable in my “output A” on my mixer and in the headphone port on the Mac. Help pleease

If you have two connections on your Mac like this…

Then plug your mixer into the Line-In, the thin black circle with two arrows. If you only have one connection go into Apple > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound and see if you have settings to turn the connection around; one way is headphone out and the other is Line-In. If you have one one of the newer MacBook Pros, you may not have a stereo Line-In. Look at your instructions or look at the on-line writeup for your Mac.

If you have no stereo Line-In, you can use a stereo USB sound adapter like the UCA-202.

The new 13" MacBook Pro claims to have no stereo Line-In, and the 15" does, but I don’t think that’s completely accurate. Let us know how you get on.


Yeah its a 2012 macbook pro 13 inch so it only has the one headphone out on it, im going to have to get an outboard sound card or adapter like that i have found one at my local music shop for a decent price. unfortunately i was just looking for a cheap fix until i can afford serato in a month, thanks for the tip though really helped me out. cheers bro