Audacity on Mac unusable

Today I installed Audacity on my Mac and I was greatly disappointed, because it just doesn’t work AT ALL
All the options in the effect and analyze menu remain grayed out. Sometimes, they suddenly become available and then, when you try to start using them, they are gray again…

Any suggestions ?

Perhaps you could try reading some instructions. For example this part of the forum clearly says “README: Please stay on topic”. And if you take a moment to read it it says:

README: Please stay on topic.

Postby alatham » Tue May 20, 2008 6:22 pm
This forum is for questions and suggestions regarding the software used to run this Internet forum. It is not for help using Audacity, or for any other audio-related questions.

If you are having trouble posting a particular message, or you want to comment on how bad the Spam has been lately, this is the correct place.

If you have an Audacity or audio question, please post it in the relevant section. You’ll save our volunteers and yourself the extra time that they would need to ask you basic questions like “Which OS are you using?”, “Which version of Audacity are you using?”, or “What are you talking about?”

I can’t speak for other moderators, but my abilities to moderate are much more limited than they used to be. From now on I’ll be deleting or moving irrelevant topics posted here without apology when I have the time to.

Similarly, in the Audacity documentation you will see that effects are only available when Audacity is “stopped”. If Audacity is playing, recording, or paused, effects (and most other menu items) are not available.

There is lots of help to get you started with Audacity - a good place to start is here:
Particularly the FAQ, Tips and Tutorials.

If you still get stuck, then please ask on the forum as we are happy to help (honestly :wink: ) but please try to post in the appropriate part of the forum as it saves a lot of time for the moderators and other helpers.