Audacity on Mac troubleshooting

Hello there. For a while now I have been experiencing several issues with my install of Audacity version 2.4.2.

First, the program seems to run a lot less smoothly than I remember- it was going fine when I first downloaded it but then the performance became worse I think after the first month of use.

My bigger issue at the moment is when I try to load two audio files separately. It either tries to open a while second alliteration of the program if there’s no project already open after previously closing a file/project or it bloats the current window to its absolute largest size, forcing me to return it to what it was originally.

I would be interested in seeing if there’s any way I can fix these issues, if possible.

run a lot less smoothly…after the first month of use.

Are you using cloud computing or storage? iCloud? Audacity doesn’t like that very much or any network connected storage.

I try to load two audio files separately.

So you import one sound file successfully, and then drag the second file into a blank spot on the Audacity screen?

My 2.4.2 allows me to [X] close existing timelines and then opens up a fresh timeline if I drag a fresh sound file in. No extra instances or windows. The new sound timeline just opens.

it bloats the current window to its absolute largest size

That sounds like it might be a file size problem. Audacity always works at super-high quality uncompressed and if you import a highly compressed, tiny M4a or MP3, the sudden increase in data size can be startling.


Do you have multiple versions of Audacity installed on your Mac? I see that if I, for example, start 2.4.2, then start 2.4.1. The 2.4.1 version starts briefly (looks like a second instance of Audacity 2.4.2) and the 2.4.2 project window zooms to fill the screen (but not “full screen” where the menu bar disappears).

– Bill

In what way has performance degraded? What Mac do you have? There is an issue with the Audacity interface being slow to respond when run on Macs with 30-bit displays.

– Bill