Audacity on Debian 11 fails to start with insufficient resources error. Worked for months, then stopped

As a workaround I installed the version in the Debian repository which is ancient. It starts and I can record with it but it has a number if issues, the file tags entered do not fully show up in Mixxx, parts are usually missing. The newest version allowed me to change the version of the tags being used but the old version does not. I have tried multiple downloads of the most recent versions and am getting the same error when it starts.
For clarity, it’s an 8 CPU Ryzen 7 with 48 GB of RAM using 3 SSD’s.

You don’t happen to have changed your /etc/hosts recently, have you?

Yes, I do so every time I had a VM or printer, added a printer. I found the forum case that mentioned something about it and “localhost”. mine has localhost
, like it has since I built this machine.

So, this probably is related to plugin scanning. The way that works is, to my understanding, that Audacity spawns a child process to run through the plugins, and when a plugin manages to crash the child, the parent notes down the plugin and restarts the child. The communication here happens via network sockets.

When you edit your hosts file, this can break down as Audacity is looking in a place where the relevant process simply is not. I don’t know where specifically this goes wrong in your config, but you should be able to debug it by commenting out lines until it works again.

I don’t have more direct or useful instructions unfortunately, I’ve not gotten my system in a state where this becomes a problem, and I’m not too familiar with the code either.

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