Audacity on Boot up.

Since I got my new Mac Mini v. 10.8.4. Audacity has been opening up on boot up. I don’t have " Open At Login" checked. Anyone know how I can stop this?


Are you using the latest 2.0.4 from ?

Are you running Audacity from the DMG? If so, that’s a bad idea. Please see “Installation instructions” on the above page.



I just downloaded 2.0.4 and it corrected the problem.

Thanks for your help.


Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences, click your account in the list, then click “Login Items”. Make sure Audacity is not in the list. If it is, select it then click the “-” (minus) button to remove Audacity from the login items.
– Bill


I didn’t think of that, but I just did and Audacity was not on the list.

Anyway, it was good to upgrade to 2.0.4


The other thing to look for is the “reopen windows when logging back in” option in the restart/shutdown dialog.
– Bill

Thanks again guys. I appreciate it.