audacity... on a tablet

Hello everyone,

I’m going to organize reading group of volunteers to record books for visually impaired person.
I was wandering if can I use a windows tablet with headphone and microphone instead of a PC

Anybody tried? Which windows version have I to choice? Which Audacity version ? :confused:


Audacity does not run on portable devices, though there are recording apps available.
See here in the FAQ:

Thanks Steve for your answer. I had already took a look on the manual, of course, before wright.
However, since I have to buy a new equipment for this project, I would like to have a feedback of direct experiences, if any.


Audacity doesn’t have any explicit support for touch yet, so you can’t necessarily expect that you will be able to navigate Audacity as you would with a mouse.

If you enable the Windows touch keyboard you may be able to use that to navigate or to issue commands.

Similarly I don’t think much has been done to adapt Audacity to very small screens. In any case Windows 10 has its own requirement for minimum resolution 800x600, minimum screen 7 inches.

Obviously don’t buy a tablet with an ARM processor because for the immediate future that will require Windows RT, which Audacity doesn’t support.