Audacity nukes my USB mic

3.0.4 windows 10 pro 21H1

I have a Neweer NW-8000-USB that stops working every time I first try to open it in Audacity. If I then unplug and replug it it works again while still in Audacity. If I exit Audacity after it nukes it it will not work with anything else (including Windows "system “sound”) until a do the unplug-replug. I can record from it in Reaper just fine and haven’t found any other way to nuke it.

Strange thing is I have an older NW-8000-USB that works fine with Audacity. But they are not the same as the newer one “reports” to Windows that it supports multiple bit rates and the older one only 24bit/192K. I assume the problem is related to Audacity trying to switch it to a different bitrate? Why doesn’t Reaper do the same thing?

Why doesn’t Reaper do the same thing?

Because Reaper does better with schizophrenic microphones. Audacity doesn’t do well with erratic microphone connections

There is a series of microphones designed and built with a blank spot so a secondary supplier can put their name on it. I saved one of the ads. Professional Broadcasting Studio Recording Condenser Microphone Kit That about covers it, right? That’s one ad.

It gets better. They’re actually free. If you tote up the prices of all the stuff that comes in the kit, the vibration mount, the pop and blast filter, the articulated clamped desk arm, and the cable, the cost of the actual microphone comes in just short of $1 usd.

So, in my opinion. if you got it to work at all, you win. That’s the way it is.

I tried to buy one of the microphones in this series and the purchase broke. I never received it.


LOL. Yeah I paid $22 for the first “kit” and $19 for the second. I bought the second because the first mic hisses pretty badly but I think the newer one is about the same. This is mostly for using Google Voice for calls on my home mini desktop. I have real mics and converters for actually recording :mrgreen: .