Audacity not working with Headphones

OS: Windows 8.1
Audacity Version: 2.0.6
Installer or Zip: Installer

Hello, I’m having a problem with Audacity where it will not pick up on sound going through my headphones microphone. The internal mic works fine, but when I try to switch to my headphones, nothing is recorded. I have tried using both my Beat’s headphones and my Turtle Beach headphones, both used to work before, and now neither do. The only thing I can think of is that I recently installed a demo of FL Studio and perhaps that screwed up the microphones or something? I have no idea, but I really would appreciate any help. I’ll be glad to supply any more information if you guy need it.

My Audacity looks like this:

As an added note, if I play music on my computer while my headphones are plugged it, it records that. Next to my headphone device it says (loopback) is this the problem? If so, can I fix it?

It looks like this:

In 2.0.6 the WASAPI host only allows recording of computer playback (that is what the “(loopback)” input means).

To record your headsets, switch to MME or Windows DirectSound host and select the headset input. If either of your headsets are USB headsets, you can’t record computer playback from those using MME or DirectSound, you will have to use the WASAPI host with loopback option.


Thanks Gale, the only problem is, WASAPI is the only host that shows my headphone input. My only options for the other two are the Internal Mic and the Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input for MME and the Primary Sound Capture Driver and Internal Mic for Windows DirectSound Host.

Is there a way I can search for devices or something?

Neither of them are USB Headsets, they use the microphone and headset ports on my laptop.

I just tried connecting my other headset and restarted Audacity and I got an “External Mic” to show up for MME and it’s recording just fine, thank you for your help!

If you connect an external device while Audacity is running, you have to do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices top left of Audacity or restart it so that it can see the new device.

Once you have connected either headset and rescanned or restarted, either MME or Windows DirectSound should see the headset mic and all three hosts should see the headset as a playback device.

If that isn’t happening for either headset, please open Help > Audio Device Info…, right-click in the info window then choose “Select All”, CTRL + C to copy, press the Code button above the message window in your reply and paste what you copied.