Audacity not working on MacOS Catalina


I am a professor for a course that includes a unit on Audacity. I have had a couple students unable to install Audacity on their Mac’s running Catalina.

Given that the University is teaching from a distance, I am have a very hard time troubleshooting with them. But the general message appear to be, that with the latest version of Audacity, that installation process is not allowed with their system.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I would very much like to keep this unit available. Thank you

It is essential that they use the current Audacity 2.4.2 version of Audacity (available via the Audacity website: Older versions are likely to be blocked with a message about Audacity being “from an unidentified developer” or “not downloaded from the Mac App Store”.

Even with the current version of Audacity, there may still be problems from “Gatekeeper” on some machines, in which case, see: