audacity not working after update 1909

Hello to all
Dell XPS 8930 Windows 10 x64

I updated a few days ago 1909 windows update. SInce then audacity 2.3.3 does not work. Specifically I cannnot record. I can import music and manipulate it but when I hit the record button nothing happens. It just crashes every single time.

I have to this date done

  1. diagnostic check of the computer, we are good there
  2. uninstalled and reinstalled audacity 2.3.3 no change
  3. updated realtek driver
  4. checked for viruses and malware good there
  5. Contacted microsoft…no help at all

Have others had problems in general after this update? Has is, or how has it affected audacity?
Any help is appreciated and very welcome

I have not updated to 1909. So I can’t comment on that. But sadly sometimes,the so called patches are problematic. Can you roll the version back. Restore point hopefully will help.

Here’s more known issues from Microsoft site.

I’ve just tested with 1909 Windows x64 10 Prof. using an ordinary microphone but I can’t reproduce the problem you describe. However this is on a desktop Core i7 with Realtek drivers. I would start by looking at your recording devices under the mmsys.cpl control panel to see if you are getting a signal on the level meter.

Thank you all for your help.

I went into sound and recordings and see the microphone icon. I cannot enable it or highlight it at all.

The hardware of the input on my computer is fine but the computer is not recognizing the mic.

I went on to the dell website and did a hardware scan and everything is fine.

I went to scan for update drivers and it says it has the latest drivers as well.

I am really puzzled at this.

Any help or suggestions, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!!!

Run devmgmt.msc. Under the first category - audio inputs and outputs - do you see your microphone? If so right click it and choose properties

Does it say device is working normally?

Sorry I have been away for so long…
Yes I went into device manager and it says the mic is working properly
I went into driver and update, and it says I have the latest one.
I have gone into control panel into sound, everything seems fine there.
I went into sound recognition and it is picking up my mic.

I don’t get it when I hit record on Audacity it crashes.

Any suggestions is gratefully appreciated.

Ensure that you have the latest drivers from Dell:

Thank you for your reply.
All of the drivers were updated from this site.
Still nothing. I hit record and nothing happens. It is frozen.

I have removed audacity and reloaded it and that did not seem to help at all as well.

I appreciate the try.

Any suggestions is welcome and appreciated.!!!

When you reinstalled Audacity, did you “Reset Preferences”? (that’s an option that can be selected during installation).
If not, try that.

Could this be another problem with the Realtek drivers? Try disabling Realtek high definition audio in device manager then reboot.