Audacity not responding

1-I recently completed recording an audio with success yesterday, but today when getting ready to record a new audio, the Audacity [Rev 3.2.1] program is not responding

2-When selecting the START MONITORING microphone icon at the top center screen, again, the program doesn’t respond

3-I selected the RECORD button and there as well, no response that it senses I’m talking into the microphone. All I see is the Audacity interface and it appears frozen as I can’t get anything to function

4-I uninstalled Audacity Rev. 3.2.1 and reinstalled…I got the same results

5-I did get a few crash notification windows the other day but thought nothing of it as Audacity continued to work, at least until yesterday

6-Noticed that before the uninstall and reinstall, when I open Audacity, rather than seeing the quick opening, I see the Audacity logo appear for a few seconds, disappears, and then almost 5-7 seconds later the Audacity interface opens

What you are recording?

I would double-check that you do not have Sound-Activated Recording turned on. (Transport > Transport Options).

Other than that, I would do Tools > Reset Configuration, Transport > Rescan Audio Devices, and reboot the computer, in that order.