Audacity "not responding"

Windows 7
Audacity 2.1.1

Audacity is “not responding”, white screen, for a half hour now. It happened when I tried to exit one project. I will lose work if I exit Audacity completely. What should I do?

It happened when I tried to exit one project.

Can you blow that out a little? I tried to save my Project and it froze on exit? I tried to quit and it froze? Exit one project? You had multiple windows open?


I have several windows open, as I often do, and tried to exit one using the x, as i commonly do, then I got “not responding”, a whited screen, and the little spinning ring.

Did you have unsaved changes in this project you closed, and did you see and respond to the “Save changes” dialogue? If you were saving changes, the drive you were saving to could have become unavailable, or if you were not saving, the drive you had the changes on could have become unavailable, preventing Audacity from deleting files.

Typically Audacity will recover project windows if you force quit. The work is not automatically lost.


Thanks. I closed Audacity and reopened, got the unsaved projects back, though unnamed.

When I originally tried to exit a window, which was unsaved but I was done with, the “not responding” came immediately upon clicking the x.

Was it a very long project (several hours)?

There would be no harm in upgrading to 2.1.3 from If it was question of being short of memory, there are a lot of memory leak fixes in 2.1.3.


The project was half an hour, and the others were very short. It could be I was having memory issues on the computer from being on for a day.