Audacity not responding to audio input

just updated Windows 10 to Version 1903 and Audacity 2.3.2 does not respond to played audio. Worked fine before update. Have uninstalled and re-installed to no avail. Have installed older versions and they too don’t work. Audio Host, Recording Device, Channels and Playback Device all the same, just doesn’t hear audio.

Oddly enough, I have a laptop and older pc that I also updated and Audacity 2.3.2 continues to work fine on those. I guess it’s an audio setting in Windows but would appreciate some help with this.

It could be this:

Thanks for suggestion Steve. I had tried this but my microphone access was set to on, unchanged by Windows Update.

What I did find was that, in Device Manager there were two entries for Speakers (High Defination Audio Device) as graphic below.
Deleting both and rebooting made no change, still two entries. Disabled one and now Audacity works perfectly.

Thanks again for the help. Michael
Duplicate Speakers.JPG