Audacity Not Recording Well

I’m running on a Windows 7 32-bit laptop, and my problem is whenever I want to record my voice while playing a game on my computer, Audacity doesn’t pick up the spund very well, in fact some part just get cut out. When no other program is running it works just fine, but I was wondering if there are a few settings I could add to Audacity to make it record better when I’m playing my games. I downloaded Audacity from the .exe installer.

Thanks to anyone who can help me! :smiley:

It sounds like your computer is running out of horsepower when you run Windows 7 + the game + recording with Audacity.
Audacity does not make a lot of demands on the computer, but when recording, writing to disk must be readily and continuously available - the sound won’t wait for the hard drive. Windows 7 is quite demanding on computer resources and many games are too. You may be able to get it running if you optimise both Windows and the game to use less resources.

lol i dont think CamStudio + pokemon yellow takes up a lot of memory.

It’s not only memory. Everything is demanding real time access to the hard drive. It can’t actually do that, so something loses. Skipping stuttering during capture is fairly common when the speed of the machine isn’t up to all the tasks.

Alright well, thanks anyway.

Just thought I’d mention this for Johnson. First off, nice term, but I’ve never heard horsepower used to describe the CPU processing power/speed. Anyways, Johnson, by memory he means the HDD, not ram. Although I’m sure that game doesn’t take up much of either. Anyways, if you’re having problems continuously recording audio to the hard drive, try getting a separate HDD, making an .AUP file on that HDD, and recording to that one while the game/all other programs are loaded from the first drive. Hope this clears some things up, NDKilla

Camstudio will be writing a lot of data to disk.

If i do that thing that when i plug flash drives into my computer and use ready boost, will that help?

Thought it would, so you would need a faster read/write speed to the HDD not ram, which people usually mean ram when they say memory (At least what I’ve heard, I don’t mean to sound rude.)

Also as for CamStudio, I wouldn’t know, I’ve never used it. And also in the second half of my message that you quoted, I was talking about the game’s memory usage not CamStudio.

Edit :

Was posted before my post was approved. Sorry, I don’t know much about flash drives and ready boost.

I dont know if anyone else has this problems, but when im out to record vocals and im listening to the music on the track waiting to sing, i notice crackling and almost like its skipping but its not skipping, but its really throwing me off on some songs… :question: