Audacity not recording usb mic audio when using Microsoft Team

So, when I do a microsoft teams call (where I use my NT USB mic to speak) and simultaneously record my audio on audacity, nothing is recorded from my mic.

What audacity does record is my laptop audio even though I select the NT USB as my mic of choice on audacity.

When I’m not using teams or any web meeting platform, audacity records my NT USB audio fine.

Can someone please help as I record this audio for a podcast.


Audacity does not play well with videoconferencing.

To record your meeting: Record a meeting in Teams - Microsoft Support

It’s not your computer while youre in a meeting. The software has to take over your machine to get clear, clean transmit and receive sound. It also has to do echo rejection and noise suppression, so there are no sound channels left for you to mess with.

There’s two drop-dead easy and reliable ways to record meetings. Get the meeting suppliers to do it on their servers (Skype, Zoom, Microsoft will all do this), and record your voice on Something Else.

Last time I did this for real, I used two different computers and a sound mixer. It’s a full-on broadcast setup.

But you don’t have to go crazy to get a good recording. I did a voice test with my iPhone and a quiet room. Placing it on the desk like that doubles the volume and quality. Voice Memo records from the microphones at the bottom of the phone.

Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 10.14.22.png
I don’t remember where I put the sound files.

Obviously, you can’t be physical and noisy on the desk to do that, but you can’t do that in a meeting anyway.