Audacity not recording properly...?

I’m attempting to record audio from Facebook Messenger - a recording somebody sent me - that is playing through the speakers, into Audacity. I cannot download it. The recorded sound throughout the recording is much lower than it is in the original. I’ve followed the correct instructions, so I believe.

My settings are:
Audio Host: Windows WASAPI
Recording Device: Speakers (Cirrus Logic Superior High Definition Audio)
Recording Channels: Stereo
Playback Device: Speakers (Cirrus Logic Superior High Definition Audio)

I am running Windows 11 Pro. There are only two settings available in the Recording Device box, the other one is the WebCam Microphone.

What am I doing wrong?



That should work but it should also say “(loopback)” somewhere in the description. (Normally you don’t see “speakers” as a recording device without loopback, since speakers are normally a playback device).

Do you have the playback volume turned all the way up? Sometimes that seems to have an effect on the recording volume and sometimes not.

That might be normal depending on what you mean by “much lower” and “original”.

If the sound quality is OK you can simply run the Amplify effect after recording.

Hi Doug,

Thanks for replying.

Actually, it does say loopback in the description of the Recording Device, the full description is:
Speakers (Cirrus Logic Superior High Definition Audio) (loopback)

I turned up the volume full blast and recorded again, but it makes no difference, Audacity still records at the same volume.
I ran the Amplify effect after recording, but it just sounds tinny.

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