Audacity not recording, or seeming as if it isn't.


So, I’ve been using the most updated version of Audacity on Windows 10. I use a Neewer Microphone (NW-700) which is connected through a Blue Icicle device into the USB port to record.
I was recording fine for awhile but when I looked up, the recording had just stopped. I started a new track, but alas, the cursor line doesn’t move at all. The record button is still pressed down, and I cannot perform typical actions that aren’t allowed during recording (I have to stop the recording to delete the track). This is just boggling my mind. I’ve restarted the laptop, shut down the laptop, removed the battery, uninstalled and reinstalled audacity, uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for the Blue icicle, and I am just not sure what to do.

^ This is an image of what is happening. I press record, and I can move the cursor, but nothing happens. The line turns bright blue and the red recording cursor hangs out above it. I’ve searched and searched, but maybe my google skills are lacking. I went over the forums, and I can’t seem to find the answer.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Try “Transport menu > Rescan Audio Devices”, then check the settings in the device toolbar.
If the Blue Icicle is no longer listed in the device toolbar, try unplugging it from the computer and plugging it in again, then rescan audio devices again (or restart Audacity).

I am sorry, I must not have been clear. Blue Icicle is still listed as a device. In the picture, you can see that as well. That doesn’t seem to be my problem.

You were clear, and yes I can see that.

Did you try what I suggested?

Yes, sorry, I should have said explicitly. I did what you suggested but the problem persists.

the cursor line doesn’t move at all

The cursor doesn’t move, but the Blue Icicle is still listed as the recording device… Ummmmmm.

Audacity doesn’t get its sound from the Icicle. It comes from Windows. If you dig down in the Windows panels (right-click on the microphone, lower right), Win10 has little sound meters and they bounce to your voice. Do you see them and do they bounce? If the Icicle is broken, it may announce and register itself, and then just stop working. Can you try it on another machine?

I guess you can get this if you start running out of hard drive space. Audacity wouldn’t have any place to put the work, but I think it tries to warn you.


Here it is.

Right-click on the speaker icon in the bottom right tooldock - then click on Open Volume Mixer


Yeah, so after running it on another machine, I am 90% sure the problem is actually with the icicle. I have plenty of hard drive space, and eventually after messing around with the device it would start working again for a bit.

Thanks so much for your help! I’m off to by a new icicle haha.


Did you try another USB cable? It would be cheaper.


That only shows playback devices, not recording devices. Right-click then choose “Recording Devices” to show the recording meters.