Audacity not recording my input

Hello – This is my first time trying to actually record using Audacity, rather than importing audio files into it for editing. and subsequent export. My Casio PX150 keyboard’s output (via headphone jack since it has no line outs) goes into my U-Phoria UMC404HD interface and thence into Audacity where I can hopefully record my playing. Within Audacity I can see that it recognizes my input and if I play keyboard notes to test it, I can see the “input level” display responding, but when I record, only a blank silent clip is produced. Any help much appreciated – thank you!

MacOS: 10.15.7
Audacity: 3.1.3

Windows guy here.

  1. Make sure that you have allowed permission to use the microphone.

  2. Are you recording all four channels ?

Thanks for responding. Yes, Audacity is allowed to use the “microphone” (i.e. my Behringer interface). In fact my actual mic, Shure SM58, plugged into the Behringer, records fine in Audacity. But, as I said, playing the Casio keyboard doesn’t manage to make its way into a recorded Audacity clip. The attached photo illustrates what I get. This is with the keyboard volume all the way up, Behringer input level on that channel all the way up, and input level in Audacity all the way up! (And me banging out chords on the keyboard.)

Again, any thoughts much appreciated!
Casio Audacity.jpg

Can you take a screenshot showing the whole screen? Preferable one including the Device Toolbar and more.