Audacity not recording Internet audio


Just downloaded and went through a couple of youtube tutorials from a variety of sources.

I can record my own voice, but when playing videos online, no audio is recorded.

Volume levels look ok.


Stereo MIX enabled.
Windows Direct Sound
Mic icon Stereo mix
2(stereo) recording

Playback – Speakers (3 USB audio) I am using a headset.

I’ve tried changing all of the combination up and still no sound capture from the net…

My intention is to record a DISCORD voice chat discussion between many people.
They will speak and I want to record it as a session for educational usage.

thanks for any help…


Recording The Internet is not recording VOIP, Skype or Chat. Those are special purpose audio applications and Audacity frequently has troubles with those.

Skype in particular has a number of special purpose applications available for recording both sides.


And a few others.