Audacity not recording from interface

Hello all! My Dell laptop did an update from Windows 10 to Windows 11a couple of days ago, and now audacity will no longer record input from my M-Audio Mobile Pre interface.

If I go into windows settings - sounds, “Analog Mobile Pre” as my input source and then do a sound test, I see it moving the test meter when I play the keyboard that’s plugged into it, so the sound signal is getting into the computer fine. But when I go into audacity and have Analog Mobile Pre selected as my input source and click record, the input monitor meter doesn’t show anything and it looks like it’s recording, but the result is a flat line and silence. It was working fine before the windows update, and I have no idea what windows changed to make it stop.

As an aside, I downloaded Cakewalk and had the exact same problem there. But then downloaded Pro Tools First, which is web based, and it DOES record from the interface. But, it’s cumbersome to use for what I’m doing, so I’d rather stay with audacity if possible.

Any ideas what I might look at or change in either audacity or windows to get this resolved?


Ensure that Audacity has permission to access the “microphone” in the “Windows 10 privacy settings” (Microsoft use the word “microphone” to refer to any audio input device). See the green box:

Hi lmschwab,
Unsettling to hear of your situation issue to have to learn new technique(s) to cover old crossed over ground(s).
WINDOWS 11 is a downturn from Win10. Win11 is a Graphical User Interface Operating System (GUIOS) that is limiting User accessibility to resources some have become accustomed to utilizing in the past with the Win10 GUIOS. As such limitation(s) of Win11 are in place to restrict a[n[y]] user of the WINDOWS 11 Platform from circumventing ‘information gathering techniques employed value’ by MICROSOFT MANAGEMENT ~ such that condoned the release of the new GUIOS. In basic layman’s terms ~ they want one’s computer/laptop to become as one’s smartphone limiting one’s access to meaningful and constructive endeavor(s) while still making the one feel accomplished in something when one really does not accomplish more but accomplishes less.
Personally I’m willing wait and hang tough on my Win10, Win7 and WINDOWS 98SE Platforms along with DOS 6.2 … … look before you leap still waters run deep …. One can take WINDOWS out of DOS but one can not take DOS out of WINDOWS.
Respectively, ZARDOZ