Audacity not recording audio using Scarlett 2i2. MOJAVE

I am new to Mac and rather experienced with Audacity.

Using AUDACITY 2.3.2
MacBook Pro MOJAVE VERSION 10.14.6
J5 USB Hub
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd gen)

Mac Sound settings: Scarlett 2i2 selected for both Input and Output. Input levels on the Sound settings are registering fine.
Audacity Input: Scarlett 2i2. Audacity Output: Scarlett 2i2
Mic > 2i2 channel 1
USB from back of 2i2 to Mac via J5 hub

Attempting to record dry voice.
The problem: Audacity is not showing any input levels and is recording no audio. Audio through headphones from 2i2 sounds great.

Dumb Question #1: Does Mac require drivers as my Windows machines do?
Dumb Question #2: How would one go about updating and downloading drivers on a Mac?

Nevermind! As soon as I hit POST, I saw the Locked thread above^ addressing this exact problem!

Solved! Thank You for not laughing and pointing at me!!

Feeling dumb, I can’t find that thread. What’s the solution?

I’m guessing this one: No recording level

Yep, I tried that to no avail. I can use the mic in every other application but not Audacity. Zoom works fine etc. It’s something in the Audacity software. I’ve also tried using automation and writing scripts, all to no avail. I’m on 10.14.6. Restarts, etc. also have no affect. I have a recording deadline so I’m about to abandon Audacity which I do NOT want to do.

Which version of macOS do you have?

I’m on 10.14.6. Restarts, etc. also have no affect.



Thanks Koz.

You need to connect the device before you launch Audacity.

Has this device ever worked with Audacity? If yes, then what has changed since then?

Device works great. It works fine on other software on the same platform, Zoom for example. It seems to be recognized by the OS but not being picked up by Audacity. It finds the hardware, it just doesn’t record. The built in mic does fine. It looks like a “last mile” issues where permissions are good, the OS uses the 2i2 for everything else, Audacity can find it on scans but no luck in recognizing the input signal.

BTW, thanks for all the assistance.

I’m not clear about your answer. Are you saying that the 2i2 has never (yet) worked successfully with Audacity?

Works great on PC. Works fine on other Mac software.

Please save Audacity’s “Audio device info”, and attach the saved file to your reply. (See:

Here’s the audio setting - sorry for the delay.

Audacity.rtf (2.66 KB)

So has the 2i2 ever worked with Audacity on a Mac? (Yes or No)

A few more words please. Can you record from the built-in mic with Audacity on your Mac?

Ensure that Audacity has permission to use the microphone as described here: No recording level