Audacity not recording ASMR tapping and scratching sounds

I just purchased a Blue Yeti mic to start recording ASMR content. The mic is picking up all sounds and outputting well to my headphones however when I record through Audacity the only thing that gets recorded is the vocals. Even when I am tapping directly on the microphone nothing is picked up. I’ve tried playing a prerecorded audio of tapping sounds and it didn’t pick-up and record that either. I’ve found tons of articles about how to fix excess of background noises in recordings but nothing about this. I have done a microphone test on my computer, and it is picking up the tapping sounds on the test. I’ve also done the mic monitoring on Audacity. It shows sound for speaking but nothing registers for tapping, clapping, or any other sound. Please help.

Make sure Windows “Enhancements” are turned OFF.

Real-time Noise-reduction applied by your computer, (not Audacity), can edit out everything but voice.
You need to disable any Windows recording “enhancements” for a faithful recording … Windows Audio 'Enhancements' are Mysterious and Annoying - Turn Them Off - Audio Interface - YouTube

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