Audacity not recognizing vst plugins

I am new to using Audacity and vst plugins and just want to use my computer as an amp and recording device. I downloaded Voxengo Harmoni and followed the instruction in the Audacity manual to place the plugin unzipped into the plugins folder and then have audacity rescan at startup. Voxengo Lampthruster is what is listed on Audacity’s page but the site redirects to Harmoni instead. Once I restarted Audacity I had no errors but the plugins did not show. What am I doing wrong?

Audacity has only limited support for VST effects. Not all effects are supported, but you do need to follow the instructions carefully.
Did you tell Audacity to rescan the effects?

As I said in my previous post I did have Audacity rescan for plugins. I also found the plugin in the list of approved vst plugins on the audacity wiki.

To help with any questions I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit running

Let’s try with one that I know definitely should show up in Audacity.
This is quite a nice reverb effect: Classic Reverb.dll

The one you recommended shows up ok. Not sure why the other won’t show up since it’s on the ok list but oh well. Thank you for the help

Do you mean this list?
I don’t see “Voxengo Harmoni” listed there.

That page is compiled from information supplied by Audacity users. We can’t guarantee the accuracy - it is taken on good faith - but if a free plug-in is listed as working but is then reported as not working, then we can look into it.

That is the list. Harmoni is not listed but that is what I was redirected to

I am having same issue.
Did you check Voxengo Span web page? They suggest that the compatibility (not sure about Audacity) is possible through a pay (sick) application:

The VST to RTAS adaptor is for making VST plug-in effects compatible with ProTools 7 and 8. It does not work with Audacity.