Audacity not recognizing USB mixer - SOLVED

I just downloaded audacity. I plugged in my Notepad 8-FX USB into my laptop USB running Windows 10. I then launched audacity. It doesn’t look like it’s showing up under the mic drop down menu–only my laptop mic is there. The mixer is recognized under the speaker drop down. I’m able to plug my headphones into the mixer and hear my self play with direct line, so I know the mixer is not the issue.

Thanks for the help!

I know the mixer is not the issue.

You know the mixer analog parts are OK. You should be able to see the mixer in the Windows audio panels. Right click the speaker icon and drill down to the recording panel. There should also be a little sound meter and you should be able to make it kick.

Audacity gets its sound from Windows, not the device.


Thanks for helping me. I’m attaching two snippets and have a follow-up question.

The mixer is enabled as the speaker for my laptop (snippet 1.) But it is not recognized as a recording device (snippet 2)

If the analog parts were broken, would it still be able to serve as my speaker?
speaker enabled.PNG
no input.PNG


this was a soundcraft → Windows problem and had nothing to do with audacity.

If anyone runs into the same problem interfacing their Soundcraft mixer to Windows, follow this link and download the USB control panel.