Audacity not recognizing Rode AI-1 microphone input level settings

The Audacity recording volume settings are still active and Rode AI-1 microphone input level settings are not recognized when recording. I assumed the Audacity recording volume settings would be disabled when Rode NT1 microphone is connected through Rode AI-1 usb interface?

Setup: Windows 10, Audacity 3.1.2, Rode AI-1 usb interface, Rode NT-1 microphone

That’s not the only odd thing. I expect the recording and playback devices to look black and not gray.

You have symptoms of not recording from the AI-1. What’s the microphone and is this a laptop? While it’s recording, scratch the microphone and then scratch the laptop built-in microphone. I bet you’re recording the wrong one.

Close Audacity and Shift+Shutdown Windows. Wait for complete shutdown. Start.

When Windows comes back up, dig down into the Windows Control Panels > Sound and see that the AI-1 is listed there and your scratch test bounces the little sound meter.

Now run Audacity and see if the devices are black and the scratch test works followed by your live performance test.