audacity not recognizing mics [SOLVED]

On my Windows 7 laptop Audacity just stopped recognizing my microphones (the Microsoft mic that comes with the computer and my Scarlett 2i2 interface). Instead it shows the same output devices the speaker icon shows. It shows the same in preferences. Skype is normal. I’ve restarted Audacity and restarted the computer, and I’ve done the “rescan audio devices” business under transport but the problem remains. Ideas would be much appreciated

Plug Something Else into the USB ports and make sure they’re still alive.

Do the heavy virus scan where you can’t use your computer for a while. Is your profile up to date?


Have you looked in Windows Sound and seen what recording devices are enabled?


Thanks for the responses-- the USB ports are fine; the security is up to date; the recording devices are enabled and showing up in Skype.

Try rebooting the computer.

If that does not help, try the MME host in Audacity Device Toolbar (or try another host than the one you were using). You can also try turning off Skype.

You could also try reinstalling Audacity with the option to reset preferences. See


Reinstalling worked-- thanks so much!