Audacity not recognizing audio input device

I’m also having a similar issue. Here are the basics:

  • Mac Catalina
  • Using USB cassette player to import cassette to Mac.
  • I have successfully set the USB device as the default input device for the Mac
  • I can see the levels in the Mac System Preferences window, and I can control the level using the slider.
  • This device is set to 48,000 mhz (not changeable in MIDI interface on Mac)
  • On Audacity 2.3.3 I have selected the ‘USB PnP Audio Device’ from the dropdown menu.
  • In the recordings settings I selected 48,000 (just in case the default 44100 was problematic)
  • The cassette player works, but Audacity cannot get any input from it. Just a flatline, no matter what I try.

I have gone to Terminal and followed the steps, but it does not ask for permissions, just opens Audacity and confirms “process completed”.

Any ideas? It must be possible for Audacity to discover the default input of the Mac, and I know the sound is definitely getting to the computer. I’m at a loss!

Many thanks indeed.

Topic split.

So on your machine, Audacity does see the USB cassette player, but doesn’t get any sound from it. Is that correct?

These steps?

If so, look in the “Security and Privacy” settings and look to see if “Terminal” has permission to access the microphone.