Audacity not recognising USB audio interface

Hi all,

I have been using Audacity for many years with my Behringer UCA202 USB audio interface on my Lenovo laptop Windows 8, with no problems whatsoever.

Tonight however i hooked up the UCA202 as normal, loaded Audacity and the UCA202 was not recognised in the microphone tab. I can’t for the life of me figure out why it would suddenly not appear in the microphone tab as it has always done.


Try rebooting your computer, then check that the device shows up in the Windows Sound Control Panel. If it doesn’t, try plugging it into a different USB port.

Hi Steve, thanks for your reply.

Tried the reboot and nothing coming up in the Windows Sound Control Panel in any of my USB ports.

I’m guessing the Behringer UCA202 may be at fault?


Do you get the UCA202 little green light on the front?

You never said what you were putting into the UCA202, but put it in, switch to Monitor ON and listen to the Behringer with headphones. Do you hear the sound?

If Windows can’t find the UCA202 (USB AUDIO CODEC), then Audacity will never find it.

If you plug something else into your USB ports, do they work? USB mouse or keyboard?

If a mouse or keyboard works, then you may have the only known UCA202 to fail in service. Retire it but don’t throw it away. If whatever you buy next also fails, then there may still be something wrong with the computer. I don’t assume anything is broken until after I swap with a known, good working device a couple of times.


Hi Koz, thanks for your reply.

Yeah i get the green light on the front.

The device is hooked up to a Pioneer DJM 850 mixer. When i plug the headphones in with monitor on, i hear nothing with the RCA’s from the mixer going to input on the UCA and a very quiet muffled sound of what i’m playing when in the output of the UCA.

As soon as i plug anything else intot he USB ports of my laptop they are recognised.



Sure looks like you fried your UCA202.

Being obsessive, I would unplug the mixer’s RCAs from the UCA and listen with my headphones.

This won’t blow your ears off, but there should be sound with the mixer run normally.


Took the decision to purchase a new UCA which arrived today. I’ve since plugged it in and am having the exact same problems!!!

On plug-in the laptop recognises the device by making the beeping sound.
Opening the control panel>devices & printers, the laptop recognises an ‘unspecified device’ naming it USB audio codec.
Right clicking on the speaker icon>audio devices>recording however, does not recognise the UCA.

I use the device for recording from my DJM mixer and am desperatley stuck without it.

Where exactly are you clicking? Is that the speaker icon in the bottom right corner of the Desktop?
If so, check in the Windows Sound Control Panel and enable “Show Disabled Devices”. If the USB device is disabled, enable it, then restart Audacity.

I’ve been using both the speaker icon and the Windows Sound Control Panel.

When i go through Windows Sound Control Panel, the USB device isn’t shown whatsoever. The options available are Microphone, MIDI, Microphone, Stereo Mix.

Have you enabled (“ticked”) “Show disabled devices” and “Show Disconnected Devices”?

Yes, both are enabled.

Are you able to check this on another computer? (You don’t need to install Audacity on the other computer, just see if the USB device shows up in the Windows sound control panel).

I possibly could yes. Given that this is now happening with two USB devices, i’m thinking it’s not the device thats at fault.

To add to the mystery, I have just downloaded Wavepad and the USB device is being recognised on that.

Ah! Did you install ASIO drivers for the UCA202?
Audacity does not support ASIO (due to license restrictions) but Wavepad does (Wavepad is not open source so it can use Steinberg’s ASIO API without licensing conflicts). Installing ASIO drivers is not normally a problem (Audacity just uses the standard Windows drivers instead), but there’s something strange going on because the UCA interfaces normally work immediately with no fuss.

Since the problems started, i have done, yes. Before then however no. I have been running the USB through Audacity for years, then all of a sudden it stopped working!!

Not entirely sure if one program is better than the other, but i’m comfortable with Audacity and would like to get it working again somehow.