Audacity not reading .oog files

I downloaded audios from whatsapp. I can listen to them with no problem with VLC. But I wanted to stitch them together in Audacity and I got an error message telling me to download FFmpeg, which I did. But now Audacity still gives me the same error message (without the FFmpeg recommendation) “Audacity did not recognize the type of the file 001.oog”.

Is there a way to fix that, please?

There are .ogg compressed music files.


Whatsapp uses OPUS file types. There are utilities to convert OPUS to a file type that Audacity can open (MP3, OGG, etc).


Since you have VLC and it’s working with these files… [u]VLC can convert the files[/u] to WAV or FLAC. (Choose “Audio CD” to make a WAV file).

Does Audacity import the file correctly if you change the name of the file to: 001.ogg

Thank you so much DVDdoug, that’s what I ended up doing!