Audacity not playing ANY sound! PLEASE HELP!

I’ve tried everything. I moved the playback slider all the way to 100%, I went into preferences to try out all the drivers, I rescanned audio, rebooted my laptop, reinstalled the program and tried multiple sound. It was working until I recovered an old project. It crashed the app and now plays no audio. Also, I can play audio just fine elsewhere. I play it in my media player and the audio works just fine. It’s just Audacity.

No YouTube video is able to help me. This is the only free program I know that allows multi-media mixing. I need it to mix audio. Otherwise, if no help, then just recommend me an alternative FREE program with no f**king trial or whatever that allows me to mix multiple audio files and export it as such. Having audio effects would be nice too.

Make sure you’ve selected the correct Playback Device.

Do you see a waveform? Are the meters showing activity?

Free DAWs

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