Audacity Not Picking up Gain increase from microphone

Hello all,

First post here, but I did search for this, unsuccessfully. If this answer to this out there in the forums already, please just reply with the link and I’ll follow it. If not, here goes:

I just received a Blue Yeti Pro USB microphone. I have it connected via USB and have tested in Audacity and with the standard Windows Sound Recorder. Here is my issue. I start recording and as I am recording my voice, I slowly turn the gain knob on the mic up. The result in Windows Sound Recorder is that the sound recorded gets louder and louder, just like I would assume. But, doing the same in Audacity, has no effect whatsoever. In fact, as near as I can tell, somehow the Gain knob on the mic does nothing when recording with Audacity. Totally bizarre, as I assume the Gain knob is a hardware adjustment and it should make no difference what software I am recording with.

What do you make of that? How do I correct it? I don’t want to record everything in Windows Sound Recorder and then port it over to audacity.

I am using Windows 8.0 and Audacity version 2.0.3.

Thanks all!

2.0.3 is obsolete so if it’s an Audacity problem we can’t fix that version.

Please try the latest 2.0.5-alpha from the top of the list here: . Try both MME and Windows DirectSound hosts in the first box of Device Toolbar: .