audacity not exporting entire audio

I have an audio track I want to export that is over 16 hours long, but it will only export 3 hours of it. I know it can export longer tracks because I’ve done it before. I tried “export audio” and then selecting the entire track and “export selected audio,” but both had the same results. why is it doing this?

I’m using windows 7 and audacity 2.0.6.

If you are trying to export to WAV, there is a size limit for WAV files (2GB or 4GB). Try almost any other format. If you want lossless, try FLAC.

thank you

I don’t remember where the cutoff is, but I think 2.0.6 won’t do anything over 13 hours. Depending on the export format you choose, some won’t go over 2GB and some 4GB.

So I would export perfect quality WAV (Microsoft), 16-bit Stereo and do it in 3 hour chunks. That should stay under the WAV 2GB limit (1.91GB by my count). If it was mono, you’d be able to go to 6 hours each swipe.

If you do it in MP3, rather than high quality WAV, I don’t think there is a significant limit, but you have the MP3 compression damage.

Audacity is not good with surveillance, air checks and quality control. Too many chances for error—and Audacity doesn’t have time stamps.

If you upgrade to Audacity 2.1.3, the 13-hour limit goes away.


Dueling posts.

If you do decide on FLAC, make sure your clients or customers can play it.


At the usual sample rate of 44100 per second, 2^31 samples is 13.5266 hours. That is where a certain odometer turns over that limits the length of .wav format but not of other formats.

2.1.3 in fact had a bug in export of tracks more than twice that length, but that bug is fixed in 2.2.0 beta.