Audacity not detecting installed FFMPEG

I followed the instructions here:
Installing FFmpeg - Audacity Support and I can find the relevant files in /Library/Application Support/audacity/libs

Yet, when I try to set that in Audacity, it still tells me that FFMPEG can’t be found.

Any idea?

What version of Audacity? What version of macOS? What Mac (Intel or Apple Silicon)?

What FFmpeg files do you see in the libs folder?

What version of Audacity?
What version of macOS?
What Mac (Intel or Apple Silicon)?
What FFmpeg files do you see in the libs folder?
COPYING libavformat.59.16.100.dylib
LICENSE libavformat.59.dylib libavformat.dylib
NOTICE libavutil.57.17.100.dylib
libavcodec.59.18.100.dylib libavutil.57.dylib
libavcodec.59.dylib libavutil.dylib

Are you using the “universal” version of Audacity, or the x86version?

On the Mac download page you’ll find:

Audacity 3.3.3 x86_64 file (works both on Intel and M1/M2 Macs. Recommended for macOS versions older than macOS 11 Big Sur)

I just reinstalled the one you mentioned. The issue persists. I’m in the process of installing ffmpeg using homebrew as well, just to make sure.

Okay, so, the version that was installed using homebrew got detected by Audacity. The one I installed manually, though, no dice.

Thanks for your persistence. I frankly have no idea what the difference could be. I don’t have a macOS 10.15 machine to test with.

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