Audacity no longer works for me. I used it for years with no problem. So

What else is good for recording music on?

You didn’t say what’s not working for you…

If the current version is giving you trouble you can download an older version.

ocenaudio and Wavosaur are free.

GoldWave ($60 for a lifetime license) is “similar” to Audacity.

Adobe Audition is a bit more advanced ($23 per month subscription).

REAPER is a full DAW ($60 for personal & small business use).

Or there are other DAWs.

I have used the free version of Presonus Studio One specifically for capture from ADAC. It supports ASIO devices at high sample rates which allows all windows limitations to be side-stepped. I still prefer Audacity though and so far I have managed to keep the ASIO compilation working … just!

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