Audacity no longer recording from VB-Cable

I have been using Audacity to record audio passed through VB-Cable (virtual audio cable) for many years. Just recently, it stopped working. I’ve tried restarting the computer, updated Audacity, updating “VB Calbe” and it isn’t working.

My process always is to turn my Mac OS Audio Output to “VB Cable” and then the Audacity Recording Input to “VB Cable” and it passes the audio from whatever is playing on my computer to Audacity. This is not working.

If I open VB-Cable, I can see that it’s getting data, but Audacity isn’t reading it anymore.

One change is that I have installed the other program Audio Hijack recently to add effects to my audio. I wonder if this somehow broke Audacity? I an not running Audio Hijack during these recording attempts, so I don’t know how it would be interfering. The program is closed.

Any thoughts on what could have happened to my classic pass through of

System Audio Playing : VB Cable : Audacity Recording Input set to VB Cable

Thank you,

Any help available on this post??

I don’t think anyone here has any experience with VB-Cable.

I don’t think the problem is with VB cable. I can pass sound to VB cable and record into other programs like audio hijack successfully. so there’s some thing wrong with the audacity recording input.

other similar pass-throughs would be like Soundflower

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