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I have just connected my casio ctk-3500 keyboard to my pc through the midi cable usb cable and audacity does not recognise the device. Am I correct thinking that keyboard can only be used through aux cable/ phono plug to record keyboard.

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That’s normal. Audacity is an audio program, with [u]VERY limited MIDI capability[/u].

…You can record the headphone-output if you have a desktop/tower computer with a line-input or if you have a USB audio interface with line-inputs. (Plugging into the headphone-output will probably mute the built-in speakers so you’ll probably need a Y-splitter if you want to connect headphones or external speakers at the same time.

so no MIDI for keyboards, Thanks for reply DVDdoug


I have the same issue, I have a macbook pro, mac os Mojave, and Audacity do not recognize my external headphones (Sony).
When I go in Audacity preferences"> “host” > they say “NO MIDI”…
How can I do to have the sound out in my external headphones and not from the macbook pro speakers ?
I saw your answer to Technoladd but I am not sure to understand what is a Y-splitter ? something to plugg in my macbook pro and then plugg my headphones to this y-splitter ?
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You don’t. You have a problem with your headphones - that has nothing to do with MIDI.

How are your headphones connected to the computer?

They are connected with a cable. I can connect via bluetooth also but it does not work as well.
I only have 2 options : macbook pro speakers and display port.
I tried also with earphones and I have the same issue…
I also tried with Y-splitter and it does not change anything…

USB, or mini-jack, or something else?

Mini-jack !

Does this help: