Audacity memory hog

Is Audacity is using more memory than it used to? Is there a way to save differently so that all that memory is not needed? I think there was a compressed option earlier?

Over the last year or so I run into a problem often when I try to save a project and there isn’t enough disk space available. It seems Audacity needs 15G or so and that is near what I have left on my hard drive (M1, 2020 MacAir). I have 16GB RAM but only a 256G hard drive. I have Audacity 3.4.2 on Mac OS 14.2 now, but it seems this has been a problem over the last year or so.

When Audacity introduced non-destructive editing in version 3.1, about 2 years ago,
that inevitably (and massively) increased memory usage.

@Trebor thanks for the response. It could well be 2 years ago because my use of Audacity, though intense, is sporadic over many years.

Is there anyway around this problem? Does the user have any choice to fight against this bloat which limits the usefulness of this great tool?

Mixing & rendering a track can purge the hidden “smart-clip” memory-bloat …

Thanks, @Trebor – I’ll try it. But I hope the developers can address it in a way that avoids the need for tricks.

I think users should always be given choices, just in case what the developers see as improvements aren’t for them. I know developers calculate that “it’s worth it” when it comes to things like extra memory, etc… But if they realized some avid users actually didn’t see “it’s worth it” they would give users a choice.

I had a friend who while driving was always saying “don’t help me!” to other drivers who thought they were being polite but actually were causing him problems. But of course they were oblivious…

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