Audacity Logo

First a little about me. This is my first post here. I’ve used Audacity along with many other audio editing software out there and I can say Audacity really does a lot of the work I want BUT it does it without all the extra bells and whistles I don’t need. That’s great. There is one problem though… Audacity has a… well… 90’s look! This makes it feel cheap. It makes you want to go and invest the money in software you really don’t need! Theres nothing I can do to help with the actual GUI of the software… but being a graphic designer I think I may be able to lend a hand in the logo department.

I wanted to start this thread to start a conversation about the Audacity logo and brand. What does everyone think it should be. What should the logo make you think. What design elements should it have.

I’m happy to volunteer my design abilities to the project.

In Audacity 1.3.6 there is now a limited amount of “Theme” support.

The question of look and logo has come up on this forum before. (I think Audacity 1.3.3 also had theme support, but then it was removed for a while). If you search the forum you may find some of the other designs that people have made.

Nice logo BTW.

Your logo is pretty okay. But may I suggest something a bit more modern and funky? I have sort of grown fond of the classic headphones and sound wave. :slight_smile: