I’ve used Audacity for a couple of years with no problems. Am now using v2.4.2. Win 10. Today, on opening the programme, it loads fine but attempting to record a Voice Over track from microphone I get the following error message. “ERROR OPENING RECORDING DEVICE. ERROR CODE 0 SUCCESS”

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Audacity to no avail. I have downloaded latest version again and installed. Still to no avail.

Can anyone offer help please?

If you have a broken or erratic microphone or interface connection, that can create some very serious problems. Audacity will not recover from a broken connection by itself. Once a ratty USB connection disconnects, Audacity will forget about the microphone until you re-establish it by hand.

Also, you can dive down the Windows Sound Panels (little speaker icon lower right) and make sure you microphone is there and it’s working. I think that panel has a bouncing sound meter.

If everything seems OK. Open Audacity and see if microphone shows up and works when you click once in the recording meters and “Start Monitoring.”

If it’s not there, try Transport > Rescan… That sends Audacity out looking for the microphone.

But a ratty USB cable is the most likely cause.

There is one “out there” possibility. Do you use Skype, Zoom or any other chat app? Those are famous for resetting your sound services without telling you.


Thanks for thar rapid and knowlwdgeable reply with all the possible causes. Problem now solved and, as always, answer so simple. The USB cable into the mic was loose. Why didn’t I check everything properly?

Many many thanks. Mark.