audacity limited to wasapi

Is it possible audacity adding asio or direct sound in the next upgrade?

ASIO is unlikely due to license terms (see:
Audacity may be built with ASIO support for personal use, but currently requires agreeing to Steinberg’s “not distributable” license.

DirectSound is even more unlikely as it is deprecated. DirectSound in Windows 10 is emulated as a WASAPI Session instance. (see:

What about WDM-KS?

WDM-KS is again very old technology (introduced in Win 98. I think, like DirectSound, it is emulated in current versions of Windows.

A long time ago, support for WDM-KS was enabled in Audacity, but at that time WDM-KS support in sound card drivers was frequently unstable, resulting in a surge of BSOD problems on some machines. If you are running a really old machine with a really old version of Windows, then I think Audacity 2.0.0 may have WDM-KS support enabled. In other cases, WDM or WASAPI with the current version of Audacity (2.3.0) is a better option.

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