Audacity (Legacy) Version 1.1 System Requirements

Hello All
I know version 1.1 is obsolete and no longer supported but I’m looking for the system requirements (Both Mac and Windows) for an Audacity 1.1 CD that I have. I checked on the Audacity Wiki and there’s not much information for the oldest versions.

But why would i want this info? I have my reasons. As mentioned, I’m aware these old versions are no longer supported but I’m still curious about system requirements, if anyone can point me towards this info it’d be much appreciated!

Audacity has generally been targeted to work well on any average spec system of its day. For the 1.x series that would be Windows XP, and would “probably” work on Windows 98 (though I’ve not tested).

For practical use I wouldn’t bother with anything earlier than Audacity 1.2.6. That was the best of the 1.2.x series and worked well on Pentium II with XP.

For early Mac versions you need to get the correct Intel or PPC version of Audacity to match the computer.

Thanks Steve, much appreciated!