Audacity lagging on iMac

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I just bought a used computer and this problem is occurring for me on Monterey 12.7.3.
I’ve tried all the solutions suggested so far in the linked thread and none of them have worked.
Right clicking for Get Info does not provide any checkbox for “Open in Low Resolution”.
Opening the application package and manually editing the info.plist file causes the app to refuse to open.
Does anyone have another solution?
I use audacity quite a bit and this lag is making it unusable.
Another thing worth noting is that the app itself looks awful, like the graphics are totally off somehow, some of the fonts are blurry and whatnot.

I highly appreciate any help, thanks

I managed to resolve the majority of the lag by editing the info.plist using a text editor within terminal called nano.

Basically just wrote: sudo nano [drag the info.plist into terminal]
Press enter and put in your password and enter again.
See the controls of the text editor at the bottom of the terminal, ^ symbolizing ctrl.
Go down a few pages until you reach the last one and just use your keyboard arrow keys to go and replace the true that follows NSHighResolutionCapable with false, then press control+X to exit, Y to overwrite when prompted, and finally press enter to finalize and end the nano session (even though it says tab I found that it was the enter key one needed to press)

Lag is gone! The UI of audacity still looks atrocious and probably worse then before I applied the fix. After years of using audacity v2.0.6 with perfect performance and no graphical complaints (see below) it can be a bit tough to have to adapt to how audacity looks now.

v2.0.6 (left) vs v3.4.2 (right)

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