Audacity keeps crashing on Macbook Pro

Audacity Crash Report 20150412.txt (59 KB)
Hi all,

I am hoping you are able to help me; I have been using Audacity for years, and on my Macbook I always have crashes…like every time I use it!

My OS is Yosemite, but it did it on Mavericks too, and I am running the latest version of Audacity, but it did it on older versions too.

Unfortunately, I don’t understand crash reports, but I am hoping someone can assist me.

Attached is a copy of today’s first crash report.

Anyone able to assist?



That crash report doesn’t say anything to me.

When you say Audacity crashes, could you be more specific? When does it crash - on launch, when you’re editing, when you’re recording? What are you doing when it crashes - running an effect, cutting, pasting, moving audio, recording?

– Bill

Thanks for the report. Please say exactly what you do in Audacity before the crash occurs, including the menu, shortcut or mouse actions. Numbered steps are good.


I could be editing or saving. The “wheel” just spins, and then it closes down, and the project needs recovering.

It happens at absolute random times.

Do you really need to have a Creative Live! Cam Optia attached?

That device is not really compatible with OSX. The reason is it pretends to be UVC compliant, but as usual, Creative’s implementation is broken. You will probably only notice that if you use it for more than an hour in one session. It also doesn’t liberate the UVC channel, so it will disrupt other AV programs. And you don’t have to use it to do so. Having it connected is enough to get into trouble.

I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole since it will disrupt communication with your Lexicon Alpha.

I suspect this is what makes your Audacity crash!

For our international posters, a 3.048 meter pole.


The actual crash seems to be something to do with window management. Are you using or have just used an effect when you are editing? Are you zooming in/out or playing audio, causing the window to scroll?

Let us know if disconnecting the webcam makes any difference per Cyrano’s suggestion.


Don’t forget to reboot after disconnecting…

Hi, yip, using effects, but not many, and I am zooming and playing.

The webcam doesn’t seem to have made a difference.


It’s difficult unless we have known steps, like File > Save Project…, drag the export window at bottom right, crash.

Would you be able to use this “debug” version of Audacity (it should otherwise be the same as 2.1.0 release) Debug builds will provide more information in the crash report.

If you let us have a crash report from that build, and tell us exactly what you did in Audacity prior to that crash, that might help.

Also have you installed any window management applications that might be affecting this?