Audacity is stuck

My Audacity is stuck … in other words, I can’t record or do anything. In looking over the display, I see a symbol I don’t recognize just to the right of the record button … when I right click it says “Loop on/off (L)”

Need your thoughts, please, as to how to get the program running again. I re-booted with no result

Thanx, Tom

Well, I finally got it to work BUT, at the top of the wave length it reads Audio Track #1, #2, etc each time I hit pause and then begin to record again. What the hell does THIS mean and how do I get rid of it.

I love technology when it works … Tom

“Frozen”? (totally unresponsive including menus not opening?)

That’s possibly the new “Loop” mode button. See: Transport Toolbar - Audacity Manual

Super :slight_smile:
Do you know what you did to get it to work?

How are you pausing the recording? If you pause by pressing the “P” key, or clicking the “||” pause button, and again to resume recording, then you should get one continuous track.

If you pause (“stop”) the recording by pressing “Space” or clicking the “Stop” button, or if you resume recording by pressing the “R” key / clicking the Record button, then you will get a new audio clip each time you restart recording.