Audacity is running twice?

Hey so i just got the new update for 3.4.1 and once i downloaded it, it had made a copy and is running at the same time? Im unable to get rid of the files, unable to open it, unable to install a new one and im at a lost on what to do!

for more insight aswell: ive just downloaded this yesterday with no projects made. Please help!

Well, you are the lucky one!

So, sometimes you can clear these up with Task Manager. Right-click on the offending program and End - Task.

It is likely that the reason for the confusion is Audacity has an window open asking you to answer a question that you has been somehow obcured.

Note that when Audacity first starts up, it checks to see if another version of Audacity is already running and exists if so, so things can’t get too fusing.

And sometimes, a good old-fashioned reboot is called for, not to mention repeating the download: Audacity ® | Downloads

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