Audacity is only recording the left channel in my stereo set up

Hi there: I am an experienced Audacity user and have suddenly had a problem I have never seen before. In checking the user forum I have seen similar posts but can’t find a resolution. Suddenly, Audacity is ONLY recording the left channel. It mirrors this channel and shows it as both left and right but the waveforms are identical. Using the dropdown Help menu, I have checked my audio device info and it shows that my USB Codec is suddenly only single channel. I have confirmed by unplugging the left channel RCA output from my receiver to the ADC that is hooked to my computer. When I do this, the waveforms cease. I have replaced the ADC with another I have and it isn’t the ADC. I have switched audio outputs on my receiver and have the same issue. I have confirmed this isn’t a panning issue on Audacity. It seems that the audacity software is no linger recognizing the right channel and I can’t figure for the life of me what has changed in my Audacity set-up that is causing this.

Any takers?


Check in the Windows Sound control panel, look in the Recording tab, and ensure that the device is set to record 2 channel stereo.

Windows 11. I have the same problem. I didn’t change any settings on my laptop and it now only records the left track and mirrors it on the right. I deleted audacity from my programs and reinstalled the latest version. No change. I even bought a new audio capture. Not a fix. I’ve used different device sources without change. I used an old laptop (which takes 45 minutes to boot up) and it works fine, so it must be a setting in the computer but I don’t know what. Yours is the only reference to this problem that I’ve found online.