Audacity is only picking up this extremely loud noise and I don't know how to fix it

Any time I try to record anything it just ends up like this. Nothing comes through but this stupid noise. I only want to record something with my guitar through a sound card but anything I try to record just ends up like this sausage.

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Here’s what it sounds like, for anyone curious.

You need to give us a push. We need to build your system in our heads (across multiple time zones) to do servicing.

You plugged your guitar cable into a ______ interface and the USB cable into your ____ computer.

I know what that noise is, but it’s not obvious how to get a computer to make it.

Fill in the holes.


I’ve got the same problem - just updated - trying to record a podcast using a tonor microphone - usb into laptop - works fine on other programmes - but audacity is giving me a hideous noise.

Make sure Transport > Options > Playthrough and Overdub are both off.

Screen Shot 2023-11-03 at 8.12.47 AM


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Exact same thing is happening to me. Everything works on all other programs (windows recorder, zoom, etc).

It’s something with the update. I downloaded 3.3.3 off of uptodown and it works fine.

This happens when recording 24 bit audio. record in 32 bit in the meantime. this bug will be fixed in 3.4.1


Okay, thank you for the reply.

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