Audacity is Not Responding

Hello, so yesterday i had two projects open at the same time. My main one which was called “Attenion workshop” had a couple of important recordings ( the project is around 8.2 GB). Anyways, i wanted to copy the material that was in my other project to the main one but i couldn’t, because suddenly the latter froze and it said " audacity not responding"… i forcedly closed everything and i tried again but it didn’t work… at some point i restarted my PC and after that, i wasn’t able to open my main project. ONLY the small one. PLEASE help, i really need this project :frowning: Although i still have it saved ( it says 8 GB when i put the cursor on it) along with two other aup3 files as you can see, i can’t open it on ( it says “audacity not responding” even after waiting 45 mins

Audacity version : 3.3.3
windows version : 10

I can’t say I have encountered this exact situation before.

So if this was my project and I had waited a couple of hours and not seen evidence of any forward progress (I generally monitor the available storage on the system and CPU, Memory, etc. on Task Manager), I would declare the project corrupt.

First backup any files that you do have, just in case you have additional ideas down the road.

Then follow my procedure for corrupt file recovery: Corrupt or Otherwise Broken Audacity Project Recovery

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