Audacity is NOT recording after pressing the record button


I am facing the issue of Audacity being unable to start record after pressing the record button for last few days. Before that I could record successfully. I have re-installed and the issue is still persisting.

Kindly help.

We need a lot more than just “it doesn’t work.” What are you recording? What’s the show or production? If it’s a microphone, what kind and what’s the model number?

Audacity will stop recording when the thing it’s recording from stops being visible. This can happen when your on-line service (for example) stops providing data.


I am recording live streaming of online radio played in google chrome browser. You can see from the screenshot that the marker is not recording and no trace of that blue colour spectrum.

You appear to be recording from the wrong source. Check the options under the microphone choices.

You appear to be recording from the wrong source.

What he said. S/PDIF is a digital interface such as to a sound mixer or home music system. If it’s turned off, Audacity would record nothing, or just stop working.


It is now working! :mrgreen: