Audacity is not picking up my XLR thru my Scarlett Solo

I just got a new XLR & Scarlett Solo interface and have downloaded Audacity onto my Mac.

I have completed the following steps:

  1. I have connected the mic/interface/computer.
  2. I completed the audio setup so that the Playback AND Recording Device is my Scarlett Solo.
  3. I made sure the privacy settings on my Mac allows Audacity to access my mic.

HOWEVER, Audacity is not picking up/monitoring my mic. the odd thing is: I can hear my audio in my headphones through my interface, but the mic sound is not being picked up on Audacity. I’m not sure if there’s a button I’m not pressing or something… I am new to using all 3 of these devices. please help!

I’m a Windows guy so I can’t really help, but…

The Solo has a “direct” monitoring button so you can monitor without going through the computer (which avoids latency/delay). That’s good because it tells you that the microphone is working, and at-least the analog part of the interface is working.

So it’s probably a computer or Audacity setting.

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